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LasuniBox is your #1 site for downloadable goods to do with the amazing world of Lasuni! We collect and archive imagery used on Lasuni for quick and easy access so that you can use it for various activities, from entering a competition to creating your own fan work or for those who just want to have a look at what has been! There’s something here for everyone.

We are currently looking for dedicated members to join our staff team. If this would interest you, let iTao know!

iTao is the founder of LasuniBox, bringing the site to life on the 19/03/2012. He wanted a fansite which had a strong focus on archiving items for the communities use.

Ellie was brought in with the second release of LasuniBox.
She tends to run competitions on Lasuni to promote the fansite.

Mat joined the team to help create new and innovative graphics to keep LasuniBox up to date.

LC22 designed the third release of LasuniBox, using her resources, she found the appropriate people to code, while working closely alongside Mat, she helped this version come to life!